London Vending

Business & Ethical Standards

The Canadian Automatic Merchandising Association is committed to the highest standards of honesty, integrity and responsibility in the vending and office coffee industry in Canada. CAMA members pledge adherence to the Association's Business & Ethical Standards; and agree not to engage in any action which may bring the Association or its members into disrepute.
As a CAMA Member our company pledges to:
1. Serve our customers, clients and employees with respect, integrity and professionalism.

2. Adhere to the spirit and letter of all health and safety, employment and other laws and regulations applicable
    to the operation of our business.

3. Use sound accounting practices in financial reporting and comply fully with all contracts and agreements into
    which our organization enters.

4. Offer only high quality merchandise, food and beverage products and services to the public at all times.

5. Commit to the highest standard of equipment maintenance, cleanliness and safe handling practices.

6. Maintain the highest standard of integrity in all forms of advertising, communications and solicitations.

7. Conduct our business in such a way as to enhance the operation, image and reputation of the vending and
    office coffee industry in Canada.

8. Recognize and respect the rights and privileges of all competitors.

9. Display our company name and current contact information on all equipment.

10. Ensure that our employees and customers are aware of our duty to abide by this Code of Business & Ethical
      Standards; and bring any potential infringements before the CAMA Ethics Committee.